April 14th is my new beginning
  • Hi everyone, been reading along for a few weeks and are now ready to post something.

    My sleeve surgery is booked for this coming Monday (April 14) and now it's all of a sudden gotten real.

    A combination of emotions (first embarrassment, then anxiety, now excitement) have swept thru me the past couple of months since I first met Geoffrey on Feb 5, but after catching up with both him and Marnie on Tuesday I must say I'm a bit more at ease.

    I know this is only a tool, but with a few underlying issues that we hope surgery can rectify I'm pumped at what lies ahead.

    Big thanks to everyone that posts, commments etc as all my concerns/questions have been addressed (I think) over the past few days of reading through them all.
  • Hi ChrisN, I am 12 days post op and except for a few little bumps along the way, I'm feeling better everyday. Be rest assured you are in the best hands with Geoff and his team. Monday will be here before you know it, and you will be home by Easter in the best case scenario. Take care, keep smiling and good luck with your op. ;-)

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