15th April being sleeved
  • Hi everyone ! Just wondering if there is anyone else being sleeved on the 15 th of April ? Getting very scared now !
  • Hi ChrisE, I was sleeved on Monday just gone the 31st March. I must say I was really scared as well, but I can give you a bit of a run down on my last 5 days since surgery.

    Monday- Checked into Peninsula Private after fasting from midnight. I was on the afternoon list so checked in a bit later. I was weighed, then the nurse went through all my obs and paperwork. Got called through and got changed into gown and TED stockings. Went to Theatre waiting bay and met the Anaesthetist who was great and then Geoff came and had a chat. Then don't remember anything until I woke up in briefly in recovery, then I was transferred to the ward. I slept most of the night but woke up a few times with pain, I had a PCA button to press for a dose of morphine when I had pain and also IV Panadol. No real nausea, just pain on moving in the bed and really bad shoulder pain from the gas, which a heat pack worked wonders with. I put the heat pack on my shoulder and the pain literally melted away. (So ask for one of these if you have shoulder pain)

    Tuesday- I woke up feeling lethargic with some pain, was able to move and get out of bed and was able to shower myself. I was offered assistance for my shower but didn't need it. Geoff came and paid a visit to check in. Wasn't allowed to have anything to drink (my mouth was very dry and I did feel a bit thirsty) until I had my xray. At about 11am went to xray and had to drink a revolting drink and swallow when the radiographer said to swallow, so he could check for leaks. I did need a vomit bag at this stage, as I had what felt like motion sickness in the wheelchair and the drink was sickly sweet and tasted revolting. (My advice here is to get a vomit bag when you leave the ward in the wheelchair and also ask for some water at Xray to rinse your mouth out after that drink and a damp cloth for your forehead.) Came back to the ward and was given a lunch of clear fluids. I only tolerated the water and some broth, but then I had nausea. It was much the same at dinnertime and into the evening when I sipped fluids, I got nausea. My IV line was taken down earlier in the day as well and I was put onto Endone tablets for pain relief (which I was able to swallow broken in half) and Zofran wafers under the tongue for nausea. Did a bit of walking around the ward to help with my recovery and for clot prevention. Slept OK Tuesday night, definitely a better sleep than the first night.

    Wednesday- Got up and showered myself, and had clear fluids for breakfast with barely any nausea. Geoff came and paid a visit in the morning and we discussed how I was going and he told me I would be good to discharge, but I had to drink about 100mls of fluid first before I could go. Marnie the dietitian came and seen me and went over my home eating plan again, then gave me a chocolate sustagen to try which I tolerated. The nurse then changed my dressings, as they had leaked a fair bit and I was able to leave the hospital. The car ride home was a bit uncomfortable because of the seatbelt and where it sits on your stomach and also had some discomfort when we hit bumps in the road. Kept my pain relief and fluids up when I got home, but I was really tired and slept most of the afternoon that day. Was in bed really early and my husband only had to get me pain relief once overnight.

    Thursday-Slept in as I felt really tired. When I got up and was able to tolerate fluid diet that Marnie had recommended. Went for a drive with my husband to the chemist to get some benefibre and felt OK in the car and walking around for an hour at the shops, while my husband did some errands. Come home and felt tired again, so went and had a sleep, had minimal pain and no nausea. Felt pretty good except for tiredness. Kept my fluids up so I didn't get dehydrated. Things are going well, but just really tired.

    Friday-Pretty much the same as Thursday, tolerating fluids well. Tummy is grumbling and gurgly at times when I have fluids, but I am getting used to that. I made sure that I was mobile on my feet around the house, to keep those legs moving for clot prevention. Sat down at the table with my family at dinner and had a pureed soup. Not craving any foods and feeling satisfied on the fluid diet at the moment. Did have abdominal cramps overnight and I used Buscopan for them which worked well.

    Overall I am pretty happy with how things have gone since Monday and I don't know why I was so scared, when I look back at the week now. Things are just getting better everyday. Probably the only thing that has knocked me for a six, is how tired I am!
    The other thing on my mind, is that I must keep those legs moving for clot prevention.
    I understand that as my body is healing at the moment and is on limited intake, so I am destined to be tired at this stage. I am just going with it and when my body tells me it's tired and I need to rest, I have a lay down. Listen to your body, take the advice of Geoff and his team and the nurses as you go through the process in hospital and you'll be fine. Good luck and look forward to hearing from you on here after your op. Karen :-)
  • Maddy
    That's great advice Karen. And great to hear that you're doing well!

    And I totally second EVERYTHING you said about the barium swallow... bring the vomit bag.

    And every day after surgery you do feel SO much better than the day before so don't get disheartened if you're struggling to get fluids down initially.

    I was a bit naughty with the pressure stockings and took them off after the first at home and never put them on again... but that was more to do with it being the middle of summer. Keeping moving is probably a good idea for the blood clots too.
  • Maddy
    And lots of people are scared before the procedure, but it's really unnecessary in the end. Is there something specific you're scared about?
  • ChrisE Alot of us are nervous and or scared before the op... you have chosen a great surgeon and team that truly care about each of us individually, as can be seen by us on this forum.
    Everything is managed professionally right the way thru, have confidence in your choice xxx
  • Hi ChrisE I think that you will do fine it is the best decision to take. I had my surgery October 28th last year and haven't looked back. Weight loss has been great, don't compare your self to other people who has had the surgery because everyone looses it at different times. I was a little obsessed in weighing my self everyday but I decided to stop doing that after a month as I was having up and down days, and decided to weigh my self once a week same day and time. You will excel
  • Thanks everyone ! Great advice ! Thank you for taking the time to reply ! 6 days to go. ! Had my last Drs appointment today and we r ready to go ! :) c u all on the other side
  • Good luck ChrisE you will be fine.

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