Woo hoo I am here and I am ready!
  • Hello everyone! I just saw~the wonderful Geoff and I am ready to roll! My surgery date is May 26th, and I am soooooooo excited! :)

    4 weeks of Optifast right on the back of Easter will be fun!! Can't wait!

    Donna x
  • Hi, Donna , my surgery date is also 26th may at peninsula private.
  • Welcome Donna and good luck...I was sleeved last October and it was the best decision I have made.

  • Cheryl, thats exciting! I will see you at hospital!!

    Brunie thank you! I cannot wait to experience what you have, and start my new life.
  • I made a mistake. It's actually 27th may. :(
  • Hi Donna, I'm also booked in for a sleeve on the 26th of May. Can't wait!
  • Cheryl oh well I may see you there anyway hehe x

    Melissa! thats exciting! see you in the waiting room!!! :)
  • That you will! I'm very excited and a little nervous :)
  • Hi Donna and Melissa,

    I'm also booked in for sleeve on the 26th!

    I'm a smoker at the moment, and have to quit one month before the surgery... So Easter and the Anzac Day long weekend are my 'last hurrah'.

    I'm blessed with friends who are going to make sure I have a blast over those long weekends. We're going to go out and enjoy some really good food and a few cheeky drinks before I go into 'lock down' as my mates describe it.

    I'm on optifast for 2 weeks pre-surgery.

    Very excited about the surgery, I'm already starting to sell the clothes I know I won't wear again on eBay. Putting the money into a new wardrobe fund :)

    So I guess I'll see you two on the big day :)
  • Good luck guys!!
    GREAT decision!!
  • Hi guys my name is Kerrie, I was sleeved in October last year and it is the best decision I have made. The day of the surgery I think was the hardest day but it has been on the up side since then. Good luck
  • Hi Amanda! I am in the same boat as u, 2 weeks of optifast. so Ill meet u in there :)

    Thanks Terri-Ann and Kerrie. I'm looking forward to it!
  • Good luck Donna, I'm in this coming Monday (April 14) and are super excited and the potential of what lies ahead.
  • Theres so many of us on May 26! So exciting!!! Cant wait! Has anyone started opti yet? I start next week!
  • NewMe
    Guys you won't look back I was sleeved July 2 years ago and am loving the new me and the life that goes with it.
    I'm at the maintenance stage now so I guess the work to keep the weight off begins, if this statement is wrong please correct me.
  • DonnaM
    My date is now June 10th but it's coming up quickly and I've just finished the first week of optifast! I'm trying my best on it and I've lost 2.2 kilos in my first opti week! :) 3 weeks to go!!!!

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