feeling sluggish?
  • I'm 18 months post gastric sleeve and have lost almost 55kg. I've plateaued but that's a whole not her story. Every now and then I have these sluggish days where I feel low on energy and generally sluggish and a bit nauseous. Not bad but enough to annoy me and put me off eating. My last blood test with my GP indicated I have low VitD and I was know in folic acid which comes from mostly green leafy veg. My GP tells me it's quite common for bariatric patients to suffer from this due to accelerated digestion and malabsorbtion in the digestive track. Anyway that's another side issue but I guess I'm saying I just have these sluggish patches and can't really work out why. Does anyone else get this. Ps - I do work in a high stress job which I don't think is helping
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  • Maddy
    Hi Allan,

    Congrats on 55kg that's awesome!

    I'm having one of those sluggish/stomach is feeling sensitive days. But I'm only in my 5th week after surgery and haven't plateaued yet. The weight-loss is slowing down but considering how fast it was in the beginning I'm not too upset.

    I had low vitamin D before the surgery and I just put that down to not being outside enough. It's something I know I need to work on because being female I'm at a higher risk of osteoporosis as I age.

    My GP in the past has put me on a liquid form of vitamin D which I used to put on my breakfast, maybe that's an idea if you find it hard to get out in the sun due to your job?

    Are you still taking a multivitamin every day? I'm pretty vigilant about it at the moment but was wondering if your GP still recommends it.
  • Hi Allan,
    I recently had a full blood check with my GP and was also found to be low in Vit D
    I am taking 2 Vit D tablets a day instead of 1 to compensate
    I sometimes feel sluggish and tired still... but not as much now at 5mths out, than I did at the beginning. Maybe you have something else going on not sleeve related? Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the responses and well wishes. Still having these flat periods but I think it's time to go back and see the Geoff as I have a suspicion my gallbladder may be starting to play up, I'm booked in to see my GP to have some tests and things done.

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