Nervous and excited
  • Maddy
    Hi Leanne,

    I bought sooooo much more food than I needed for my post-op period. You really only need enough food for a week (especially if you have someone who can nip down to the shops for you)! After week one I was pretty comfortable driving down to the shops to grab more supplies.

    Things that I actually ate in the first week:
    - custard
    - yoghurt
    - soups (individual packets)
    - things I could add to soups to increase the protein (protein powder, blended baked beans, cheese, milk)
    - up&gos (although I didn't really enjoy them)
    - icey poles
    - tea
    - V8 juice
    - fruit juice

    And.... that was about it. And I still have tonnes left in my cupboard that will take me the next 6 months to get through. :(

    Just think about the fact that the best you'll probably be able to do in a day is something like:
    Breakfast - custard
    Lunch - yoghurt
    Dinner - soup
    Snacks - 2x tea, 1x icey pole, 1x fruit juice

    And multiple by 7, it's not a huge amount. Just make sure you get enough fluids.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    P.S. I have no idea how to find Geoff's Buddies, sorry!
  • Maddy
    Good luck for the 17th!
  • Good luck for the 17th... not long to go now!!

    If anyone wants to join Geoff's Buddies... find me on facebook - Terri-Ann Riddle :)
  • Hi Leanne, I am also booked in for a sleeve on the 17th and very nervous too. Hope everything goes well.

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