• TESS
    Help, I am currently 5 months post op and I am finding I'm losing a lot of hair. I know I was told of this possible side affect, but I was a bit like that won't happen to me, I won't lose my beautiful hair. Well it's happening and I'm sort of freaking out, I find hair everywhere and when I brush and wash it I am gobsmacked as to how much is there. Can anyone help me please as to the best thing I can do, other than buy a wig. lol.
  • Hi Tess, I am almost 16wks out, and have been on hair skin nail supplements for awhile before surgery... I am losing a little more than normal, so I am now on a zinc supplement and use protein shampoo and conditioner to help it stay there lol
  • Thanks for posting this Tess as I am just over 4 months post op and I am starting to lose some hair when I comb and is mainly from the top and my fringe....

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