March surgery
  • Hi everyone my name is Simone I am 30 years old and have made the decision to get the sleeve done due to being overweight. My operation date is March 31st I am very excited yet nervous. How has everyone else found the pre op nerves and the post op challenges?
    Simone :)
  • Maddy
    Hi Simone,

    I was pretty nervous in the week prior, 2 weeks prior I was just excited.

    My post-op has been really good. The first week is the hardest but with every day after my surgery I felt about 50% better than I did the day before. During the first day, when I was really nauseous, I was questioning my decision to get the procedure done. But in the first two days it's really common for people to question it. I haven't questioned it since! :)

    I had nausea in the hospital for 2 days but virtually no pain. I've been lucky and haven't had nausea or pain at home (aside from some back pain that was gone after a few days). When you're in hospital make sure you get the nurses to give you medication for the nausea as soon as you feel it coming on so you can get on top of it.

    Drinking/eating is probably the biggest challenge when you get home but now I'm in my third week it's no longer an issue. It's especially bad if you let yourself get dehydrated because you want to swig a huge amount of fluid but just can't. Don't let yourself get dehydrated is the moral of that story! :P

    I can't really describe what it's like eating and drinking, it really an individual learning curve but when you do get onto some more solid food make sure you chew your food. If it's too bulky going down, you'll feel it... oh boy will you feel it...

    In terms of activity I haven't had any issues. But I was just under 100kg before my operation so that probably helped me a bit. The first week I was shuffling around, by week two I was pretty good at getting around town in small shopping trips. Now in my third week I can walk for 30min+ without any issues. I was on the phone to a friend yesterday for about an hour and walking the whole time without realizing, no issues there.

    Before I sign off I thought I'd add a list of the things I actually used in hospital (because I packed for the end of the world and it was unnecessary):
    - Toothbrush/toothpaste
    - Hairbrush
    - Shower gel
    - Deodorant (if you bring spray stuff it can double as air freshener)
    - Nightie (just the one was fine for me but you can bring two if you want)
    - Pillow (good for car-ride home if your belly is sore, I could have done without)
    - Underwear (because all the incisions are above your belly button they won't rub and you don't need ones 3X larger than normal, I brought about 6 but that was overkill)
    - Pads/Tampons (if needed)
    - Mobile phone + charger
    The clothes you wear into the hospital can double for the clothes you come home in. I wore light pants, a light shirt and cardigan. I found flip-flops good in the hospital as you don't have to bend over to do laces (I wore these to hospital, around the hospital and on the way home).

    Some people like having a chap-stick for dry lips. I bought one and didn't use it. I guess if you used them before the operation you might like it in hospital.

    I didn't wash my hair the whole time I was in hospital, just had a quick shower on the morning I left, that was about it.

    In regard to entertainment... day one I was sleeping the whole day. Day two I just kinda sat in bed and did nothing (I didn't sleep but didn't feel like watching TV), I checked Facebook on my phone, that was about it. The morning of day 3 I watched a couple of movies on TV and was chomping at the bit to get out of there!

    Haha, this was longer than I had planned. Let me know if you have questions about anything in particular.

  • Thank you Maddy and congratulations on your weightloss journey. You have given me so much useful information I can't thank you enough.

    Xx let me know how you get on :)
  • Maddy
    Good luck for your surgery! It can be quite scary the morning of the operation but it's over so fast and you'll be home before you know it.
  • Good luck Simone!!
    You are in great hands with Geoff and his team :)
  • Thank you ladies hope you are all well and getting good results :)
  • Thanks Maddy, your info is great. ;-)

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