Bypass surgery booked for March
  • Just wondering if anyone can share their post op experience? What I can expect?
  • Me to please! Very excited
  • Good luck with your surgery. Have you started your pre op diet? Mine starts Monday.
  • I'm seeing dietitian tomorrow morning... I ate my very last hotdog today (one of my fav foods).
  • My surgery is March 18th. Hospital nurse just phoned and went through what to expect day of surgery. 1st case of day which is wonderful, a least the nerves won't have too much time to kick in. A few tubes - Nasogastric, abdo drain, IDC (I'd prefer this to a bedpan first 24hrs)
    Patient controlled analgesia where I can press a button to safely self administer as needed. To be honest, my only concern is nausea. I had a terrible time post Lapband with this. Give me pain over nausea any day! Reassured lots of meds available for this. First 24hrs in ICU then next day in own room ( hopefully) I learnt a lesson last time when in hospital, pack ear plugs and eye covering to get some sleep. Also if you haven't already considered it, pack lip balm, I remember how dry my lips were last time.
  • LaniSteele are you having a bypass too? I am having my Lapband removed ( had it since 2002 ) and revision to Gastric Bypass ( fingers crossed in same operation - depending on state of my stomach post removal of band )

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