Back pain soon after sleeve
  • Hi guys,

    Just had a quick question about back pain after the sleeve. I'm still within my 2 week fluid phase post-surgery and have noticed a bit of back pain. I went for a 10 minute walk today and was a bit sore on the way home. I did have some back pain immediately after surgery also.

    Having said this I've been really lucky. My abdominal pain has been virtually nil since surgery and, apart from nausea for the 2 days immediately after surgery, I’ve felt really good since.

    I know this is a common finding in sleevers, just wondering why. My best guess is that it is caused by tension in my back muscles to help take pressure off my abdominals. Any other thoughts?
  • It's also could be the gas put in whilst having the surgery, I had shoulder and back pain but not much abdo pain.

    Good luck with your journey maddy you won't look back or be disappointed in your decision.
  • I knew about shoulder pain from the gas but I guess it would be possible that the gas might also cause the back pain.

    The back pain has actually been getting much better now. I just needed to rest a bit, go figure!

    I'm definitely feeling better with each day after surgery, and feel almost 100% now! :)

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