first step
  • I have just begun my journey to the new me. Booked in for a sleeve on the 3rd march. Very excited and well and truly ready. Bit nervous. Great to read everyone,s experiences. You are all inspiring.
  • Welcome Pauline and well done for making the decision and all the best for your journey. I am Bruna and I was sleeved in October last year and it was the best decision I have made.
  • Welcome Pauline you will not look back at your decision to have the GS, I was sleeved in July 2012 and still losing weight.
    Starting weight was 130kgs now I'm 69kgs, it's slowing down now but I'm stoked at where I'm at and best of all I've kept it off.......with the help of gym 4 days a week.
    Thanks to Geoff and all his great team I will see you in march for my check up.
  • Welcome Pauline!
    Hope you are being kind to yourself and allowing your body to recover from surgery now :)
    I was sleeved in November... no regrets!

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