New pre op
  • Hi I'm book for a sleeve on the 4th march I'm very excited but also very apprehensive this is the first time I have logged on and I am so glad I did. It is great to see all the positive feedback which has made eased some of my nerves. Thank you to all
  • Hi jenni you will not be disappointed with your decision I've not looked back.
    My sister gets sleeved on the 4th march also, where are you havering your procedure done?????
  • Hi Jenni,
    I am having a sleeve done on the 4th of a March as well.
    Good luck
  • Jenni
    Hi Heather hope all went well for you. All good here got home today I needed to keep the fluids up.
  • Jenni
    Hi Newme and Heather. I had my procedure done on the 4th March at Peninsula Private. I am 8 weeks today post op and am going really great. Not happy about the hair loss comments however at this stage I have not experienced any problems or hair loss. This weekend was the first time that I have really noticed my weight loss, jeans were slipping off..woo hooo
  • NewMe
    Well done, you made the right decision, a new journey awaits you jenni embrace it, the ups and the downs.

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