Pre op diet
  • Nik
    struggling at this opporunistic time of the year. Often feel at night that I have missed out on something ( EATING!) lost some weight but getting a little bored and having to keep the kids amused with food over the holidays is killing me. Any suggestions?
  • Thats a hard one...
    You could use some of your vegetable allowance to have some carrot and celery sticks on hand for when you are feeling the need to chew.
    I found making some cucumber chips in the oven helped, too!
  • Hello I am not meeting my dietitian till next Thursday (was meant to be today after my meeting with Mr Draper but was cancelled) and I have my op on March 14th... so I am not sure what to eat in the interim until I meet her to discuss pre-op diet. I was thinking of starting tomorrow as it will be four weeks to the day till the operation. So maybe some Optislim for two meals out of three and then a protein and vege/salad meal for dinner.... with maybe three low carb snacks throughout the day. Does that sound about right? Cheers, Jo

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