Abdomen pain
  • Hi, I am five days post op and in the bottom left quadrant of my abdomen I have very sharp pain. It always hurts but gets worse when I change positions, sneeze etc. wondering if anyone knows is this is gas or my stomach (it is quite low though) or a pulled muscle, has anyone else had this? I expected the area with the biggest incision to hurt the most and that side doesn't hurt at all.
  • Hi Christie hope that the pain is easing for you. It could be a couple of things try a heat pack on the area and analgesic for the pain if it doesn't subside call Geoff or your normal doctor just to get checked out for your peace of mind
  • Thanks for the reply Kerrie.
    I put wheat bags on as suggested and that did help. Geoff said maybe blood had pooled in that area. It went away at about day 16.

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