How many calories
  • Hi everyone I'm am new here I had my gastric sleeve done on the 29th oct 2013 and I just wanting to know how many calories everyone is roughly getting. I know everyone will be different but I feel I'm really struggling getting in calories I'm on my mushy food now and not sure I I can lift up I'm getting around 450-650 a day and that's a struggle.
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Hi Tess, I introduced Sustagen and Up & Go Energize in the post op recovery phase. Sustagen is full of vitamins & minerals and Up & Go Energize is high in protein. I stopped drinking both when I felt comfortable with the amount of calories I was consuming with my food intake. If in doubt call your dietitian for more suggestions. Cheers, Kirsten
  • Thanks k1rsten, that's pretty much what I'm doing :) just wanted to know how many calories people are having roughly.
  • :)
  • Hi Tess, I'm getting anywhere between 800 - 1100 calories a day but I'm no longer on the 'modified' diet. I make sure that I have plenty of protein based foods each day and concentrate on fibre and fluids after my proteins. I'm 3 months post op and am back to eating normally.

    What kind of mushy foods are you currently eating & what are you drinking? How much & how often?


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