Opportunity for change and a new improved me
  • I'm having sleeve surgery in December and although nervous in the lead up to my surgery day I'm hopeful that this will improve my life and my future
    Any positive feedback on your journeys would be much appreciated :)
  • I had mine 29th Oct and was the same as you, I was soooo nervous leading up to the date and even on the day, but so far I feel great my tummies not to sore and feel so much healthier. Good luck you will be fine your surgeon choose is the best and really cares and does what he can to help ease nerves. Even telling jokes
  • I hope you are on the sleeved side and recovering well now Kirsty :)
    I was sleeved by Geoff on the 22nd of November 2013, and had some ups and downs in the first few weeks.
    I am still struggling at times with the head telling me 'old stuff' but the body usually reminds me quickly what I can and cant consume in amounts and types! lol
    Follow the dieticians guidelines and if in doubt with pain or anything, contact Geoffs office, they are a terrific team!

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