Pre-op diet questions
  • Hi all,
    I'm new on here and to be sleeved on 10th Dec. I'm starting my pre-op diet on Monday (k8 diet) and struggling to find ways to get the required amount of protein in, I'm also allergic to seafood/fish. Is anyone else doing this diet at the moment and do u have any meal ideas for me??
  • I'm trying to choose between the K8 diet and optifast and as I have 3.5 months before my op I have plenty of time. I'd love to get started soon though but am worried I'll get bored with optifast for 3 months. Will it work out too expensive too? I've got atleast 60kg to lose and I'm wanting to get the ball rolling? I've stopped drinking alcohol and now want to sort the food thing out. Any advice?

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