Early discharge post gastric sleeve.
  • Hi All,
    I'm wondering if anyone has stayed only one night following sleeve surgery. I've had a couple of major surgeries and have a pretty good pain threshold. If all goes well I'm kind of hoping that if I'm tolerating fluids without having trouble swallowing and after having been cleared of leakages from stomach on day two that i will be able to go home.

    I know some off you will likely be thinking that I'm being a bit unrealistic but cant hurt to ask :)

    Thanks, Simone.
  • lizzzylizzzy
    Member, Moderator
    I stayed 2 nights
  • I stayed one night. Had the surgery on Monday morning and was home early tuesday evening. The two hour car ride wasnt so comfortable but i'm finding it easier being at home.
  • Personally I love peninsula private as my mum spends time at least once a year so if
    I'm paying my excess I'm staying as long as I can!!
  • I stayed 3 nights... my choice to be sure I was drinking enough before leaving :)

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