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    hi all, i know it's a long shot as it seems most on here are new to having weight loss surgery. anyway i was wondering if anyone here has, or knows of someone who has had a baby after a bypass or a sleeve? i'm after some real life information i suppose. was it different to other pregnancies? did you have to eat more/differently? and, most importantly of all, did you have a healthy, good sized baby? also, i had mega morning sickness both times - would all the vomitting etc cause any damage etc? i am just contemplating having another, i still have a few more months of healing and waiting yet but it would be nice to hear from others who have been there. i was bypassed july of last year and am happy with my weight now. not stressed about the possibility of pregnancy weight as i only gained 'baby' with my two boys. thanks :)
  • Hi Brooke, I was reading thru old questions and found this one answered by Geoff, so I am copying and pasting for you :)

    "geoffdraper_surgeon January 5
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    Pregnancy and weight loss surgery. lot of reasons to delay pregnancy. They mostly relate to the unknown potential harm to the pregnancy of ongoing weight loss and the lost opportunity to lose weight. After a band it is recommended to wait 12 months at least , or until the weight loss has stopped, and for the Sleeve and bypass 24 months. This is because there is potential nutritional shortcomings in someone losing weight and after these operations. This along with ongoing weight loss is known to harm the baby. You will also fail to achieve the weight loss you would have otherwise reached and therefore your baby will not get to benefit from the health benefits etc your body is about to gain. And after pregnancy there is often very little weight loss, so you cant just pick up where you left off. There are more reasons, but this is the guts of it.

    So, lose your weight, get your body in peak nick to carry a baby and then both you and your baby will benefit. You just have to wait..."
  • Hi Brooke:
    My name is Ingrid, you may have seen my facebook post that I recently put up. I had a sleeve in 2011 in Jan and my baby in Dec 2013. The work involved had it's pro's and cons. The only weight I could gain was baby weight - and that required constant work and the monitoring of a good obstetritian. I also had the history of poly cystic ovaries, so I got gestational diabetes which also meant BSL's 4 times a day and close watch of my diet, yet I couldn't eat large amounts. They were the hard parts. The good sides were the weight loss must have increased my ability to conceive - I had previously been told I couldn't have one and had given up. There were benefits to combined weight loss and pregnancy - you are more comfy filling out the old skin folds and I had a trouble free pregnancy apart from the diabetes. Most of all, the delivery was a lot better being lighter - I could easily flip myself onto all fours like (I was told) a teenager, because, at 70 kilos (with baby on board) I was much more mobile. Much better as a lighter person and the baby had some hypoglycaemia which was easily managed - no probs and a sparky normal little boy now. That is thanks to Geoff's great work..
    I have to agree with above - even at 2 years I couldn't have gained the required weight, but we conceived just after 2 years and the baby came before 3 years with no major probs and a few things to monitor. I would recommend an obstetritian and a dietitian (with good supplements from the word go)...

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