Pain after gastric sleeve
  • Hi guys,I was just wanting to know how you would rate the pain out of 10 ,after gastric sleeve surgery and what pain killers they give you.
  • I was lucky and had no pain what so ever.
  • That's fantastic NewMe,I hope I won't as we'll.
  • lizzzylizzzy
    Member, Moderator
    I was given a CPA and was sable to inject morphine when I needed. I also have a significant back injury and I am in constant pain. For me the pain is not as bad as the pain in my back. I think it hurts to go to the dentist or get a tattoo
  • Cool,thank Lizzzy,I've got a tattoo so I'm sure I'll handle it.
  • lizzzylizzzy
    Member, Moderator
    i just read what i wrote which was on my Ipad, i hate auto correct. had a little giggle, cpa= accountant i meant pca, where you can self administer morphine or some other narcotic. in my opinion going to the dentist would be like having my legs amputated without anesthetic.... yes i hate dentists. pain apart from my back pain is bearable but please bear in mind we are all different and handle pain in different ways
  • Nic
    Hi Lizzzy,I was wondering how a CPA came into it.thanx for the info.

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