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  • Hi everyone,I went to see Mr Draper last week,he's awesome,he's given me a chance for hope,happiness and a much better life.
    I can't wait to get started.i'm having my sleeve surgery on the 28th of October,7 weeks away,but who's counting.
    I've been reading all you're posts and you've all done so well,good on you.i can only hope to do that well.
    I'd like to get together with all of you for coffee and a chat.
  • Hi Nic I am Bruna and my operation is also on the 28th October....I start 6 weeks of optifast this Sunday....If you want to catch up for a coffee I would love to...
    I have met another lovely lady off here who is also being operated on the 28th also...
  • Hi guys and welcome, let me tell you that your choice of surgeon is spot on Geoff is caring, honest and quirky (in a good way).
    I had my surgery 14 mths ago and from optifast stage (which was 2 weeks only) until now I have lost 57 kgs, if is slowing down but I couldn't be happier with the results, only wish I had of done it earlier.
    Good luck with your journey, it's tough at times as its a whole lifetime change re food and exercise but don't despair it gets easier as you get to know your new body.
    Keep in touch with your progress guys and if I can help with any thing I will try to help but be mindful everyone's journey is different.
    Good luck.
  • Thank you NewMe and wow on 57kgs well done...will update my progress
  • NewMe,that's an awesome amount,you must be so proud,thanks for your support.Brunie42,I feel so much better that you and another lady is having surgery on the same day.
  • Hi Nic....I also know of another lady as well so there is 4 of us on the are you going?....I started optifast yesterday and so far so good apart from a headache today....
  • I'm doing well, Brunie42,I'm going to the gym 3-5 times a week,so I'll be fit for are you finding the optifast?
  • that is great....I am walking and I started optifast on finding it ok.....taste isn't too bad....just over the headache I have and feeling faint....drinking heaps of water and finding im not hungry at all....
    are you on optifast as well??
  • Hi brunie42, I'm not on the optifast yet,but I see the dietician next week.are you going to go to the coffee and chat on Friday.
  • Hi Nic...I couldn't go to the last catch up but going to the one this month just before my op
  • Hi All, I too am having my surgery on 28th of October. I'm very excited! Had my last appointment with Mr Draper today. There was a blonde lady there that had had her surgery about 6 months ago, she too was so enthusiastic. Looking forward to the beginning of new improved me.

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