alcohol and bypasses
  • Hi all - was just wondering how having such a smaller stomach via a bypass will affect blood alcohol levels? Used to be a big drinker, had a band, couldn't drink anything fizzy so almost stopped all alcoholic drinks. Now I have the bypass and no restriction to the entry of my stomach I was wondering if there were any studies done on how alcohol may affect my blood alcohol if I want to have a couple of beers??
  • geoffdraper_surgeongeoffdraper_surgeon
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    Unfortunately, this is an area with not enough evidence to confidently answer your questions. You might have to test the waters and let others know how you go...some aspects of the bypass should increase your tolerance while others decrease it. So which wins out? Does your tolerance change at all? Perhaps we should do our own study! (We are in fact preparing to do a study into the effects of the Sleeve on alcohol tolerance)

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