Band blockages
  • I'm not sure if you guys can help as I've noticed mostly everyone on here is sleeved but ill ask anyway ..

    Does anyone get blockages ???
    I've had my first real blockage tonight and I'm so sore and in so much pain,
    I made whole meal spelt flour bread rolls I ate 1/2 a roll slowly like I should but its stuck ...
    Any tips on lifting the blockage or do I just have to wait for it to pass ..??
  • lizzzylizzzy
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    I'm not a bander but woul a couple of mouthfuls of hot/ warm tea do the trick
  • geoffdraper_surgeongeoffdraper_surgeon
    Administrator, Moderator
    Unfortunately my advice is second hand! Try sipping tiny amounts of water or a bubbly drink if that fails. And then keep doing that every few minutes...hopefully it passes or comes up! It will be difficult and painful to eat for a few days so go gently, having soft and mushy food only until you feel it is getting back to normal. If that fails and you are stuck still in the morning ring the rooms and I will let the band down , you wash the bread down with water and then I will re inflate the band and again you will need to take it easy for a few days. If you can't drink anything we need to sort this out ASAP . Good luck!
  • Thanks guys it passed after a hot cup of tea but gee it was painfull,
    It was a heavy bread won't be making that again let me tell you ..
    I'm all good now just taking it slow and watching how fast and what I eat..

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