Fills and weight gain ...
  • Is there anyone else on here that has a band ?
    If so have you ever noticed a weight gain after a fill ???

    I had a 1mil fill on Tuesday weighed in at 97 and 3 days later I'm up 1 kilo,

    Does the body go into shock After a fill ???
  • Am I the only bander on the forum ??
  • MrsB
    No I'm banded too! But you know that! :p
  • Hahaha yes I do know that
  • I have a band, got it in 2008 lost 41kgs, have gained 5 back but that's due to slippage. I've been stable weight for almost 3 years. I used to only weigh myself once a week, as I fluctuated naturally with water and what not. I'm new to the forum as I'm getting my band repositioned.
  • Well done on your loss Natalie :)
    When do you go get your band repositioned ?

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