Tossing up whether to have the band or the sleeve? Can anyone help me out?
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    In a nutshell.............

    Bands are the safest,
    Sleeves have the most natural eating style, &
    Bypasses achieve the greatest weight loss.
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    I chose the sleeve as it seemed the most normal eating was achievable with this weight loss surgery. I wasn't wrong - I can eat any foods but all in moderation. I have never vomited although if I eat too much I can definitely feel uncomfortable. My weight loss has been remarkable, 68kg in under 12 months and have been maintaining for the past 7 months. I do fluctuate by a few kgs at times but am happy with this. I would say 'chose the sleeve'! So many great stories!
  • lizzzylizzzy
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    I chose to have the sleeve. For me it was the best option as i am often traveling, and i work out of the metro area so refills etc for a band were not for me.
    I had my surgery in March 2012 starting weight 132kg, i am now 87kg and still losing. for me i can honestly say this sleeve has saved my life. Thanks to Geoff and his wonderful team for saving my life.
  • I chose to have the band because it was less invasive, I was banded in September 18th 2012 and my starting weight was 146.6kilo and today I am 122.5 kilo,
    I have never vomited with my band and I can eat any food like, I've only ever had one blockage and that was due to me not concentrating and swallowing before I had chewed properly, I've learnt ALOT about foods and my mentality on food has changed:) I nolonger sit and eat rubbishy foods I enjoy good foods and clean eating :)
    I love my band it's given me a new lease on life I'm so much more happier than I was before, for the first time in my life I can see results and now I'm not afraid to step out side and go out without feeling uncomfortable,
  • I chose to have the band too. I was banded on the 6th of august 2012 and my starting weight was 115.5kgs and today i am 96.7kgs. I have 7.5ml in my band and am at a great place of being able to eat a wide variety of foods. Somedays i have issues of pain and i have found this mainly happens in the morning or early afternoon but come tea time and i never have a problem i guess my band is just tighter during the day. I have never vomitted and i am now addicted to great healthy food and going to the gym 3 times a week. From before to now my life has changed dramatically as i would never have eaten clean healthy food or gone to the gym. Geoff is spot on when he says its a tool and unless you reprogramme your brain it wont work for you as if you think that a band is going to do all the work for you the band wouldnt be right for you.
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    I had nothing but trouble with my band and minimal weight loss. It was like my body rejected the foreign body that was the band and port that was placed inside me. Once I had it removed, I felt a sense of 'normal'. I have only had the sleeve for 6 weeks but already highly rate it. No problems, no stuck food, no dumping. Already lost more weight in 6 weeks than I did the 8 years I had the band!
  • I highly recommend the Sleeve. At 124kg, I was banded in November 2008, and initially did quite well - I lost 30kgs of the 58 I needed to lose. However, I found that the band did little to restrict my appetite, and if I didn't try hard to "diet", I could easily eat too much, especially "bad" foods like chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc etc. I gained back 20kg, saw Geoff and decided to have my band removed, followed by the Sleeve Gastrectomy 3 months later, in April 2012. I was back up to 118kg before my pre-sleeve Opti diet, and 112kg on the day of my sleeve surgery. Today I am 90kg and still slowly losing weight. I can eat anything, but even small amounts of rich food (ie chocolate) make me feel a bit queasy, which is great! I eat VERY small meals and snacks, and sometimes just that one mouthful too many gives me a big pain in the stomach! I absolutely love the Sleeve. I am not thinking about food all day, I get a bit hungry at meal times, but that is very quickly satisfied with a small amount of food. Thanks to Geoff, I am thrilled with this surgery and look forward to more weight loss, and the health improvements it is giving me.
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    Go Bonnie, sounds like it was a switch worth making. We need to remember that the operation from Band to Sleeve is one of the highest risk stomach operations there is. But on the up side it has so far transformed the lives f many dissatisfied banders. Over 60% of Banders have no problems with their bands and don't need to revise to a Sleeve. Of those that do, most are amazed at the difference and how much easier it is. But worth remembering is that often they have struggled with the band for some reason, so they are coming from a perspective of not being a fan of the Band, and once the problem is overcome they are naturally very pleased. So my take on this is, choose the operation that seems to be right for you (and so avoid revision surgery), think long term about your lifestyle and how realistically you are going to be able to change this to fit in with your chosen operation, remembering that the Sleeve is generally easier to live with lifestyle wise in the long term.

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